Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee

  • The City Manager shall call together the Committee to consider business as needed. Additional meetings may be held upon the call of the Chairman, or the Vice-Chairman in the absence of the Chairman, or upon petition of a simple majority of the Committee members.
  • 307 E 4th Street
    City Council Chambers
    Big Spring, TX 79720

Agendas & Minutes

As of May 2016 our intention is to provide the Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee Agenda documents online every Friday afternoon prior to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee meeting. View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

The City of Big Spring maintains documents available either online or in a hard copy form that can be purchased at City Hall.


  • Alison Herm
  • David Ferguson
  • Betty J. Kelley
  • Kristen Partee
  • Melanie Gambrell


The Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee was created to accomplish the following for the City of Big Spring:  

  • Assist the City of Big Spring in becoming a no-kill shelter, while promoting low-cost spay and neuter programs.
  • Act as a public relations liaison between the public and city officials to advance the common interest of animal welfare issues and reconcile public concerns, and review and make recommendations to the City Council in an advisory capacity on matters concerning the adoption of animals.
  • The Committee shall be charged with organizing quarterly public awareness events, working with animal rescue organizations to facilitate adoptions from the Big Spring Animal Shelter, using social media (or other means) to increase exposure of animals in need of adoption, recruiting qualified volunteers to assist the City in areas relating to animals in need of adoption. 

Commission Membership

If you are interested in serving on the Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee, contact the City Manager Office's in person or by calling 432-264-2401, or review information on the Boards and Committees page to print an application out.