Boards and Committees

Board members perform an invaluable public service by broadening the forum for community input and enhancing the processes of democracy.  We encourage you to browse the following descriptions and submit an application for any position that may peak your interest. 

1.   Animal Rescue and Adoption - 3 year term


The Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee shall be composed of Five (5) members, all of whom shall be citizens of the City of Big Spring and/or Howard County and appointed by a majority vote of the City Council for a term of three (3) years. 

Ex-Officio members:
Support Services Lieutenant shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member, serves as staff liaison, and shall advise and assist the Committee in its various functions. 

2.   Board of Adjustments & Appeals - 3 year term

This Board consists of seven (7) members and two (2) ex-officio members. The Board is charged with providing guidance and boundaries in regard to rules and regulations within the construction and housing industry of Big Spring. Each member must be a qualified voter of the City unless other requirements cannot be met.

Membership should be composed of:

One (1) Engineer or Architect;
One (1) Master Plumber;
One (1) Mechanical Contractor;
One (1) Master Electrician;
Three (3) Members at-large from the Construction Industry; and
Two (2) Ex-officio members –
one (1) of which whom shall represent Atmos Energy; and
one (1) representing Oncor Electric

3.   Big Spring Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors - 3 year term

This Board consists of five (5) community leaders with at least one (1) of the following qualifications:

1. serve, or have served, as Chief Executive Officer of a company;
2. serve, or have served, in a position of executive management of a company;
3. serve, or have served, in a professional capacity; or
4. have experience equivalent to any of the above qualifications.

4.   Civil Service Commission - 3 year term

The City Manager appoints three (3) community members at-large to this Board to provide assistance and support for civil service employees.

5.   Colorado River Municipal Water District Board of Directors - 2 year term

Council appoints by majority vote, five (5) community leaders with qualifications to this Board to provide guidance and assistance regarding water acquisition.
The City of Big Spring appreciates your interest in further serving our community.
If you are interested in serving on any of these boards and/or committees, please fill out the following application form and submit to:
6.   Convention & Visitors Bureau Board - 3year term

This Board consists of seven (7) members of the community who are charged with managing the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund and making final decisions regarding expenditures and programs to be supported by the fund. Membership qualifications are as follows:

Two (2) City Councilmembers, each of whom shall be appointed by a majority vote of the City Council and shall be subject to reappointment following their re-election to their respective council seats.

One (1) member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors who shall be appointed by members of the  Chamber Board and shall serve a term of three years coinciding with his/her term on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Three (3) at-large members appointed by majority vote of the City Council to serve a term of three (3) years. One (1) at-large member from the local hotel industry appointed by majority vote of the City Council.

The City Manager and the Director of Finance shall serve in an advisory capacity as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Board.

The Community Services Director shall serve as staff liaison to the Convention & Visitors Bureau Board, act as Secretary of the Board, and shall be responsible for keeping the minutes and other official records of the Board.

7. McMahon/Wrinkle Airpark Development Board - 3 year term

This  Board  consists  of  seven  (7)  members  of  the  community  who  have  demonstrated  their  
interest and knowledge of business, industry and real estate.  One (1) member of the Airpark
Development Board shall be the Chairman of the Airpark Safety Committee.  The Chairman
of the Airpark Safety Committee shall be a permanent
member of the Board.

Ex-officio  Members:
The Assistant City Manager and the President of the Big Spring Economic Development Board shall sit on  the Airpark Development Board as ex-officio members. The ex-officio members shall not have voting power, but shall assist the Board in its various functions.

8.   Planning & Zoning Commission - 3 year term

This Board consists of seven (7) members of the public residing within the city limits of Big Spring. Board members are charged with providing guidance in matters relating to planning and zoning projects within the City. Applicants are considered for appointment based on a demonstrated civic interest, general knowledge of the community, independent judgment, interest in planning and zoning, and availability to attend meeting. Appointments are subject to a majority vote of the City Council.
9.   Zoning Board of Adjustments - 3 year term

This Board consists of five (5) at-large members who reside within the city limits of Big Spring. Board members are  charged with hearing matters of any person aggrieved or affected by a zoning decision of the Building Official. This board conforms to the provisions of the Civil Statutes of Texas.

Prospective applicants and existing members wishing to extend their service are considered for appointment by the City Council in the month of September

 City of Big Spring
City Manager’s Office – 2nd Floor
310 Nolan St.
Big Spring, TX 79720
or by Email to: