About the Landfill

The City of Big Spring Landfill is located at the eastern edge of the City of Big spring between Midway Road and Interstate Highway 20. The landfill is bounded on the south by Midway Road, the west by FM 700, the north by Interstate Highway 20 and the east by native range land. Primary access to the Landfill is via FM 700.

The City of Big Spring landfill was originally permitted in 1977 as a Type I municipal solid waste landfill. The landfill currently covers 219 acres. The layout includes 2 sites:
  • Site 1 measures approximately 185 acres, of which approximately 36 are suitable for trench waste deposition.
  • Site 2 of the landfill consists of approximately 34 acres, of which the south 28 acres is a closed landfill site.
The City of Big Spring's sanitary landfill disposes an average of 120 tons of waste per day and must comply with all reporting requirements of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC). The landfill permit specifies how the City must safely store, process and dispose of waste materials. All waste must be disposed of in accordance with the rules and orders of the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and the laws of the State of Texas. Nothing in the permit exempts the City from compliance with any applicable environmental rules, regulations, or laws.

Wood Chips Available

The City of Big Spring Landfill has wood chips available for free to the community. These wood chips can be used for mulching around trees and flowerbeds and are ideal for padding children's play areas. Wood chips are available at the Landfill during normal hours of operation.