Holidays Observed

The City of Big Spring recognizes the following public holidays for city employees. Please note that most city employees work on a Monday through Friday schedule. As such, when a holiday falls on a non-work day, Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is usually observed on Monday (if the holiday falls on a Sunday) or Friday (if the holiday falls on Saturday). All city offices will be closed with the exception of the Police and Fire Departments. Emergency services will continue as normal.
  1. Mon Dec. 25

  2. Mon Jan. 1

  3. Mon Jan. 15

  4. Mon Feb. 19

  5. Fri Mar. 29

  6. Mon May 27

  7. Thu Jul. 4

  1. Mon Sep. 2

  2. Mon Nov. 11

  3. Thu Nov. 28

  4. Wed Dec. 25

  5. Wed Jan. 1

  6. Mon Jan. 20

  7. Mon Feb. 17

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