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The Zoning Regulations are presented in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. If you do not yet have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, it is available free from


Article 1 - General Provisions (3 pages 41kb)

Article 2 - Definitions (15 pages 111kb)

Article 3 - Procedures (4 pages 47kb)

Article 4 - Development Standards (12 pages 95kb)

Article 5 - Nonconformities (6 pages 68kb)

Article 6 - District Regulations (28 pages 192kb)

Article 7 - Special Applications (6 pages 54kb)

Article 8 - Supplemental Use Standards (3 pages 46kb)

Article 9 - Sign Regulations (20 pages 81kb)

Article 10 - Landscaping Standards (3 pages 41kb)

Article 11 - Wireless Communication (5 pages 61kb)

Appendix A - Illustrations (4 pages 340kb)

Appendix B - District Use Regulations (10 pages 111kb)

Appendix C - Area Regulations (15 pages 79kb)

Appendix D - Landscaping Illustrations (1 page 96kb)

Complete Zoning Regulations Document (128 page 734kb)

Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Fee Schedule

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