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Municipal Auditorium

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The Municipal Auditorium was designed by Peters, Strange and Bradshaw Architects and constructed by C.S. Lambie and company, Amarillo, Texas. It was financed by a $200.000 bond election June 16, 1931 which also included in the complex along with City Commissioners L. L. Bugg, C. E. Talbot, J. L. Webb, H. Hinman, and Joseph Edwards, and City Manager R. V. Spence accepted the unit as completed September 6, 1932

The Auditorium, with a seating capacity of 1,412 became the center for cultural productions, both professional and local. Famous performers in the fields of dance, drama, opera, and symphony brought unforgettable entertainment to the Citizens of Big Spring. These personalities included Tom Ewell, William Bendix, Mindy Carson, Lyle Talbot, Charles Laughton, Celeste Holm, Basil Rathbone, Robert Massey, Agnes Moorehead, Martin Gabel, Herb Shriner, Percy Grainger, Ferrante and Teicher Jose Iturbi, Lili Kraus, Richard Ellsasser, Earl Wrightson and Lois Hunt, Jose Greco, Marjorie Tallchef, George Shearing, Fready Martin, Bob Crosby, Woody Herman, Carlos Montoya, Arthur Fiedler, Fred Waring, Mantovani, Hank Williams Jr., Robert Merrill, Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton, and Margaret Whiting.

In 1988, The Dora Roberts Foundation financed a complete remodeling of the building and also added Air-Conditioning.

Modern Renovation:

In 2016 the Municipal Auditorium has also gone through another renovation, retrofitting modern lighting system, sound system, and making the auditorium ADA accessible to the public. So entertainment can continue to entertain the Citizens of Big Spring and there visitors.