Background Investigation

Vendor permit applications will be referred to the Police Chief for investigation and approval of the proposed sales area with regard to city zoning ordinances, if an itinerant vendor. The Police Chief will also investigate with regard to the other requirements set forth by Chapter 5 of the Big Spring Code of Ordinances (PDF). Any application for an itinerant vendor's or peddler's permit may be denied or revoked for any of the following reasons:
  • Any misrepresentation of false statement contained in the application for permit.
  • A violation of any of the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Big Spring Code of Ordinances.
  • Conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Conviction of any crime constituting a breech of the peach, or a violation of any city ordinance or state law or when the incident constituting the basis of such crime occurred during the course of business of itinerant vendor or peddler.
  • If the proposed operation would not comply with federal or state law or city ordinance, including zoning restrictions.
  • Failure to provide parking spaces, which need not be paved, sufficient in number to accommodate the number of automobiles being reasonably expected to be parked at any one time taking into consideration the type, size, and quantity of merchandise to be offered for sale and in addition to those parking spaces required under the zoning ordinance for existing businesses.
  • If the proposed sales area blocks access or driveways.
  • Failure to provide adequate trash containers for the proposed use. The trash containers need not be city trash containers.
  • Failure to report and/or remit sales tax collected for the City of Big Spring to the State Comptroller.
Upon denial or revocation of an itinerant vendor's or peddler's permit, the Police Chief will notify in writing the applicant or permittee of the reason for such denial or revocation.