Application Process

Summary of the Application Process

The following is an outline of the hiring process. Each stage must be successfully completed before proceeding to the next step.
  1. Application - To be considered for employment with the Big Spring Fire Department, a candidate must complete the City of Big Spring Application for Employment packet. The applications must be typed or printed and all information must be legible. Application packets must be turned in by the listed application deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.
  2. Written Examination - Non-certified applicants applying for entry level positions with the Big Spring Fire Department shall be required to take a written competitive examination. Applicants must pass the written exam with a minimum score of 70%. If applicable, you must submit a Form DD-214 Form 4 or NGB Form 22 (if you have been a member of the National Guard) to verify an honorable or general discharge under honorable conditions from the military and receive a passing grade of 70% to receive an 5 points added to the final examination grade. Certified applicants will not be required to take the entry level written examination.
  3. Physical Ability Test - Both certified and non-certified applicants who pass the written examination with a minimum score of 70% are eligible to complete the Physical Ability Test. Applicants must have completed the Declaration of Medical Condition Form in the application packet and in order to be permitted to take the Physical Ability Test.
  4. Eligibility List - 2 eligibility lists will be created:
    • The first eligibility list will consist of certified candidates who successfully completed the physical agility test. Certified candidates will be ranked based on certifications as follows:
      First Preference: Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
      Second Preference: Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate
      Third Preference: Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
    • The second eligibility list will consist of non-certified candidates who successfully complete the written examination and the physical agility test. Non-certified candidates will be ranked based on their score on the examination. Hiring preference for non-certified candidates will be applied as follows:
      First Preference: Firefighter Only
      Second Preference: Emergency Medical Technician - Any level
      Third Preference: No certifications
    • Each eligibility list shall be in effect 1 year from the date of the examination, unless exhausted earlier. The City Manager will make initial appointments from the current certified eligibility list to be followed by the current non-certified eligibility list.
  5. Background Investigation - A thorough background investigation is conducted to verify information received in your application packet. If applicable, a follow-up interview may be conducted to clarify information received during the background investigation.
  6. Polygraph - Polygraph examinations are performed on all candidates to ensure truthfulness of all information provided from the application process.
  7. Oral Interview - Candidates will be required to appear before a panel of Fire department and other City of Big Spring Management staff for interview. The interview will cover information obtained about the applicant during the previous stages. The applicant will be asked questions designed to demonstrate certain knowledge, skills and abilities considered basic for effective performance as a firefighter/EMS Technician with the Big Spring Fire Department.
  8. Medical Assessment - Applicants who successfully complete all stages will receive a conditional job offer. After a conditional offer is made, the applicant must complete a drug screen, Work Steps/job specific agility test, and a physical examination conducted by a designated physician/certified medical provider. The physician/certified medical provider will assess each candidate's physical/mental condition(s) to ensure he/she can function safely as a firefighter.
  9. Terms/Conditional Job Offer - A conditional job offer will be extended to eligible applicants by the Human Resources department prior to the required drug screen, Work Steps, psychological, medical and physical examinations. The conditional offer will be withdrawn if:
    • The applicant tests positive for controlled substances,
    • The medical practitioner(s) reveals any areas of concern,
    • There are any other indicators which would be contraindication of good moral character for employment with the City of Big Spring Fire Department.
  10. Any applicant on the eligibility list, whose DSHS or TCFP status changes must notify, in writing, the Human Resources Director for the City of Big Spring located at City Hall, 310 Nolan Street, Big Spring, Texas 79720, and attach a copy of the new DSHS or TCFP certificate(s).
  11. A final offer of employment and start date will be made after satisfactory completion of all portions of the selection process. Failure of any portion of the conditional offer testing will constitute the automatic withdrawal of any conditional offer of employment made by the City of Big Spring.